The Company

Maker Factory was founded in 2017, we are located in Esbjerg, Denmark. the company is founded by Henrik Beck who is running the daily activeties in the company.

Maker Factory provides design and development solutions and low quantitymanufacturing , we utilize 3D printing, CNC Machining and Mold Casting Technology to make our customer based solutions. We focus on providing the highest quality design solutions, 3D Printing and prototyping for our customers, using the latest technology.
At the same time we aim to make our services affordable, utilizing our skills and experience from the mold and machine design industry.

3D Printed Business Card Holder

What We Do

We have been working with designing parts for the injection/thermoforming mold and machine industry for more
than 16 years. In Collaboration with our customers, we always find the best solution, the most innovate solution and
the most affordable solution possible.Our typical customer is from the Machine, Mold, Medical or Manufacturing
industries and they are interested In the following services.

3D modelling
2D Drawings
File Conversion to DXF for laser or Waterjet Cutting
2D Drawings conversion to PDF or DXF format
Product Research & Development
3D Printing
CNC Machining
Mold and Casting

Our values

– We establish a professionel relasionship with our customers.

– We are highly pasiate and engaged in the work that we do.

– We provide the highest quality of the services that we provide.

– We offer cost effective solutions, from the enitial concept to the first production series.

3D Printed Electrical Enclosure