Maker Factory introduces the 3D scanning service as an easy an reliable way to get a physical object digitized as a 3D model. 3D scanning can be applied to almost any object to capture the physical shape and dimensions.

3D Scanning

3D Scanning Applications: Typical usecases for 3D Scanning

3D Scan Replicate

Replicate Model by 3D printing

3D scan almost any part and get a replica by utilizing 3D printing.
This is a great technology for replicating new parts for reproduction and
for repair of damaged parts.

Reverse Engineering

Reproducing and updating design of parts with no technical documentation
utilysing 3D scanning.

Reverse engineering
3D Mockup

Use the 3D model for mockup in CAD Software

Avoid using costly design work hours, to make mockup parts.
Utilysing 3D scanning for Mockup models for CAD assemblies.

Quality Inspection

Ensuring high product quality levels is an encreasing need across industries.
A precise 3D scan of a product, allows the user to make precice quality measurements.

Quality Inspection
Heritage, Art and Design

Heritage, Art and Design

3D Scanning cultural objects, like Jewelleryes allows you to replicate cultural objects.
Making a 3D print from the scanned object, makes it possible to make a casting mold and from that silver Jewellery can be made.