Together, we fight COVID19

Together, we Fight COVID 19

Healthcare systems around the world has an immense stain on devices for patients and protection equipment for essential healthcare personal.

The 3D printing community has collectively, taken the Fight against the Corona Virus, we all join and feel responsible to help providing Protection equipment to our healthcare system.

Maker Factory join the 3D printing community by providing face shields, for all essential personal at Danish Hospitals.

For the last 2 weeks Maker Factory has been producing 100 pcs. of face protection shields for donation and all available 3D printers are dedicated to this task alone.

The following weeks Maker Factory, will ramp up production on face masks as they are critical and in shortage at all hospitals around the World.

We encourage all to share this message and to take part in the fight against COVID 19, as the situation is critical all around the world and we need to make a stand to win the fight and contain the spread of COVID 19.